Monday, December 14, 2009

Colour A Month Daily Planner Box Set from Moleskin Diaries

I was going through pretty point of view and I found that she blogged my favorite brand of planners Moleskin. Moleskine is the legendary notebook that the European artists and intellectuals who made twentieth-century culture used: from Henri Matisse to the turn-of-the-century Parisian avant-garde, from Louis Férdinand Céline to Ernest Hemingway. Writer-traveler Bruce Chatwin picked up this tradition and made it famous.

A simple black rectangle with squared or lined pages, endleaves held by an elastic band, an inside pocket for loose sheets, a binding in 'moleskine' which gives it its name, this trusty, pocket-size traveling companion guarded notes, stories, thoughts and impressions before they turned into the pages of beloved books.

I had gotten a red one last year that fits into my bag, so I would take it around wherever I go. To be honest, and don't laugh at me just yet. In my original plan, i was supposed to get more organized in 2009. I was supposed to write down everything and not miss an event nor be late. Well.. that plan did not work out. I barely jotted down anything, but I am still a sucker for cool & pretty things. SO i would definitely want one of these.

Colour A Month Daily Planner Box Set comes with 12 planners each month with a different color, so you won't get bored with the one you carry. Each page is dedicated for one single day , so no worries about squeezing your day into a few lines.

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