Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have to admit, I have never really been able to diet, I would get on a diet, only to be off it, at best in a few weeks.. I simply have no self restraint.. I just see calories and just have to consume them...

I really do try, just the world is not helping.. I mean lets face it.. If I start dieting in the fall, Halloween walks in with all its pumpkin pies, and cinnamon apple tarts.. so everything I had lost, just comes back up.. Then even if I do resist having those, Christmas is just around the corner, adding layers of unwanted love handles with all the christmas dinners, eggnogs, hot chocolate, christmas cakes, cookies, and candy canes.. The thick winter clothes definitely, do not help in stopping you from consuming all those very sinful calories.. I do honestly try, and every year, when New Year is here, and I am getting dressed to go out and party, I look in the mirror and promise myself, that this year I will be thin by summer, and fit into that Bikini, I had not been able to get into since i left school.. Diet and OMG whats worse I promise myself I will exercise in the morning.. January is the worst time to begin a new year's morning resolution.. I mean really its too cold to get out of bed, so a few days of dragging myself to get up and move around, will eventually fall back to staying in my warm bed.. I am not gonna tell you about February.. I mean its valentine, and can you resist those cute little chocolate truffles... oh come on.. how can something so tiny give me wiggly hips..
Its simply not fair.

March, signals the beginning of spring, a reminder that summer is almost here, and that bikini body still hidden under those layers of food.. Okay no more freezing mornings, I should get myself into exercise now.. and SALADS.. *shudders* well this works for a week or two, then someone mentions Easter eggs, and chocolate bunnies, and whats worse lunch.. there goes my diet again.. Oh no it's MAY!!!!

Darn too late for that bikini body, well I have to try and get a few layers of chocolate off me, those skimpy summer clothes, they show each and every little curve.. Is that ice-cream I see?